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    Listen BACK

    If you missed one of our Friday live webinars, please feel free to ‘Listen BACK’ by downloading a recording from the list below: Listen BACK 5/8 Listen BACK 8/7 Listen BACK 24/6 Listen BACK 10/6 If you prefer a podcast, you can also find a recording of our webinars below or wherever you get your […]

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    Mobile phone law loophole closed

    Laws on mobile phone use whilst driving are now stricter and will close the loopholes that some drivers previously relied upon. From 25 March 2022, it now illegal to use a handheld phone to take a photo, scroll through a playlist or play a game (amongst other things) whilst driving in Great Britain. It is […]

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    Update to the rules on using mobile phones – as an Employer, what should you do?

    As detailed in our recent article, on 25 March 2022, the government introduced changes to the use of hand-held devices whilst driving.  Whilst there have been offences for the use of hand-held devices since 2003 the law limited the offence to circumstances where the device was being used for “interactive communication”.  That loophole has now […]

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    More onerous tacho EU requirements on drivers!

    What’s happened? The Government appears to have “snuck in” the most onerous EU requirements on drivers since the tachograph was first invented, and the COVID crisis seems to have provided the perfect cover! In just 20 days back in August 2020, the Secretary of State (with the EU) brought into force a requirement, which applies […]

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    DfT announce temporary relaxation of EU drivers’ hours rules BUT, NOTE THE SMALL PRINT!

    In response to the worsening shortage of HGV drivers, the Department for Transport (DfT) has introduced a temporary relaxation of the EU drivers’ hours rules in England, Scotland and Wales. This exceptional step demonstrates how severe the driver shortage is and the mounting pressure on the supply chain. So, what are the relaxations? Where the […]

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